For many of us, our home is our greatest investment, and we want to protect this asset and our neighborhood. Rezoning decisions are complex and significant. They impact our home values, our neighborhoods and our City’s future. I believe that before the City makes any zoning changes, the City should:

  • Seek community input and build consensus with residents;
  • Work to address the wishes and recommendations of current residents; and
  • Clearly and broadly communicate the reasons for proposed zoning changes to make sure that our neighbors understand the decisions we are making.

Small and Local

Small businesses are a critical component of our economy, and many local companies are still hurting from the pandemic. To have a strong local economy, the City should help small businesses achieve our shared American Dream of prosperity and opportunity.

As your next City Council member, I will:

  • Work with City leadership to discuss delaying financial burdens on small businessesin the City, including deferring licensing fees and utility and local tax payments.
    • For many small companies, these costs during economic downturns make it hard to keep their doors open and employees on the payroll.
  • Support efforts to have City staff members work directly with local businesses on applications for SBA loans and other support programs. 

Many business owners do not have the time or resources to apply for federal and state relief, so they miss out on programs that are meant to help keep their workers employed and their businesses open.

Providing this support and using the expertise of City staff will provide much-needed, real-time aid.


I do not support referring a measure to voters to allow recreational marijuana sales within the city limits.

 I think the measure is a Citizen decision that demands each Citizen’s individual commitment to such a proposition early on and unequivocally through Petition.  


I think the city should invest directly in affordable housing, considering the city has a shortage units and rents continue to rise.

Although, I have researched this issue, and through my work with the Urban Renewal Authority Board, I have thought through a broad outline of a viable plan. 

The basis of my plan requires two basic components:  

  1. Develop tax incentive programs designed with the purpose of encouraging private developers to increase the supply of affordable housing
  2. Deliberately pursue the private sector in forming Public and Private partnerships dedicated to increasing affordable housing numbers, along with facilitating accessibility, while not changing prudent and proven home loan qualifications. 


I think funding for parks and open spaces is an important component of infrastructure enhancements and maintenance.

Our open spaces are a priority that must be integrated into overarching long-term plans. 

My intent is to undertake initiatives that will decrease upkeep costs. 

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